Office Agency

We lease or purchase all types of office accommodations including multi-tenant buildings, business and office parks, and mixed-use projects, the focus of our services hence being on our extensive market knowledge and experience in the field.

We understand the time sensitivity involved in office real estate needs, and we ensure your best interests are secured in this fast moving market.

  • Comparative analysis
  • New lease acquisitions
  • New lease vs. renewal
  • Own vs. lease analysis
  • Renegotiation & rent renewals
  • Site selection
  • Build-to-suit transactions
  • Property sales and acquisitions
  • Strategic advisory
  • Asset analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Development prospect profile
  • Comparable transactions
  • Development of pricing strategy
  • Full service property leasing
  • Marketing

How Can We Help?

Companies facing any of the following circumstances may require location, occupancy, or process redeployment strategies:

A new or relocating operation/ Location strategies
We help clients identify the most favourable location for a new or relocating business operation. Your company may be considering relocating existing offices to a new location, or establishing a new operation such as a shared service center, call center, supporting office.

A real estate or labour cost reduction imperative - We partner with clients and our brokerage teams to develop alternative occupancy scenarios within a defined market area, measure the impact of alternative scenarios, and create a business case for the optimal scenario. If the Company has established cost reduction targets, we can help drive savings through real estate cost savings.

Inflexible or inefficient use of space - Your office space may possess significant vacancy, or is not able to effectively accommodate new employees and other changes.

Portfolio assessments - An analysis of your current corporate real estate portfolio can identify hidden opportunities to improve utilization, consolidate operations, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and align the portfolio with business operations. This also allows us foresight into scenarios that will change our team posture from reactive to proactive.

A mismatch between operations, brand and rental levels - Your occupancy costs may be above market, or you may have the office space in less attractive office premises.

Building your brand - If your company seeks to increase its market visibility to potential clients and recruits within a new, or newly important, market, we can assist you.